Kathleen’s passion is to affirm life in all its challenges and glory. From this place, she is moved to live into exploration of herself, her humanity and her way of belonging in the world. Showing up for her life moment to moment, heart, belly and soul … in spirit, her work emerges.

Moved by the preciousness of this journey we call life, Kathleen taps deeply into creative resources, weaving elemental and heavenly sources to create. Her work reminds us of the reverence of life, the holding, the connecting. Kathleen’s pieces are contributions, dedicated to evoking and remembering deep truths and flashes of inspiration. Her images allow us to see the world she reveres, a world that brings into focus the potential we are, our human experience expressed.

Tapping into the primordial essence of the clay of the earth through the hands of the artist … ancient echoes and present feelings resound, allowing the creative to course through.

"In the midst of what we are doing here, with ourselves, with others, as an individual or with the collective … there exists within us a ground of being, real, deep, creative reserves and intelligence. It just is." –K Pouls

 “Because we are creations, it is our responsibility to create” –Oomoto



Kathleen says, “Perhaps my work creates symbols and visuals that move, empower and imbue viewers with respect and compassion for each other, for Mother Nature, and for this divine experience called life.

There are no beginnings and no endings. The benevolent, unfolding universe and its process lives within me, everyone and all things. Energy is subtle and powerful and continually circulating through me. It is open, free moving, unburdened, basically indefinable. It is life force unforced, which then becomes dynamic and powerful.

When I move with this dynamism, something happens. I approach this process as if I just don’t know what will happen next.

I like to get to the place I call flow or flowing, when I am merely participating in what is arising within me as well as in front of me. This place is freedom, without self-consciousness; it is perfectly natural.”


"I know artists whose medium is life itself; and who express the inexpressible without brush, pencil, chisel or guitar. They neither paint nor dance. Their medium is Being. Whatever their hand touches has increased life...they are the artists of being alive."       –Frederick Frank


Curriculum Vitae

I have leaned toward and into the creative process for as long as I can remember, inspired and influenced by many individuals, cultures and nature. Living in Santa Cruz since 1968, I have developed my expression as a self-made artist.


2006-current         Creative Process Clay Journey Classes; Clay Creation Studio
2006-07         Art as a Spiritual Practice; Clay Creation Studio
2006         Clay Journey; Big Sur Mystery School
2006         Creative Process with Clay; Social Venture Network Women’s Retreat

  1. Art as Spiritual Practice; WomanCare, Women with Metastatic Cancer

Educational Influences
After years of artistic exploration, I have immersed myself in Traditional Chinese Medicine since 1984, emerging with an enriched sense of myself as an artist. Blending this collective experience, I create and go forward.

1989-current     Creative Process with Coeleen Kiebert & visiting teachers
2008-current     Mattie Leeds, “Going Big” Sculptures
2005     Clay Mama, Advanced Lidded Vessels & Plates; Santa Cruz
2002     3-week intensive, Traditional Arts of Japan; Oomoto, Kameoka, Kyoto
2001-current     Clay Creations, John Brown’s Studio; Santa Cruz

  1. 1 month in Workshops/Galleries/Studios; Holland, France, Germany

2001     Art as a Spritual Practice with Coeleen Kiebert; Santa Cruz
2002-04     Diamond Heart Art Group
1999     3-week intensive study of various Japanese Traditional Arts, specifically ceramics; Kyoto, Japan
1997     Ceramics in America; UCSC Extension
1998     Clay As A Way; UCSC
1994     Glass Works Seminar with Dianna Hobson

    1. Art History Lectures with Mary Holms
    2. Ongoing Figurative Drawing Classes
    3. Ceramic classes with Marsha Blaker

1989-91     Working 2-D, Water Reflection and Life with Kitty Wallis (charcoal pastel drawing and watercolor)
1988-92     Sumi Painting and Calligraphy with Mayumi Genest
1972-73     Ceramic classes; UCSC

    1. Cabrillo College Art Dept; John Bobeda, Marsha Blaker, Kathryn McBride and many others who have encouraged the evolution of my clay work.

2009      Leeds Gallery, Santa Cruz CA
2008      Felix Culpa Gallery, Santa Cruz
2007      Santa Cruz Art League “Essence Show”
2006      Louden Nelson Community Art Show, Santa Cruz
2006      Santa Cruz Art League “Essence Show”     
2006      Marion Woodman/Seminar, San Francisco
2004      Art for Change-South Bay Artists for Kerry Auction
2003      A.H. Almaas/E.J. Gold Hei-Art Auction
2002-07      Legacy Gallery, Boston, Mass.
2001-07      Art & Antiques Eclectic Gallery, Boston, ongoing
2001      Cabrillo Music, Art and Wine Festival, Aptos CA
2001-07      Private Showings and Sales
1999      Art in the Park, Ojai CA
1999      Private Showings and Sales
1998      Open Studio, Santa Cruz, Private Showings and Sales
1997      Open Studio, Santa Cruz, Private Showings and Sales
1997      8th Annual Studio Showing, Kiebert Studio, Aptos
1995      Seventh Annual Studio Showing, Kiebert Studio, Aptos
1994      Sixth Annual Studio Showing, Kiebert Studio, Aptos
1994      Art League Member Show, Santa Cruz
1993      Fifth Annual Studio Showing, Kiebert Studio, Aptos
1993      New Women's Art Gallery, Santa Cruz
1988      Office of Raven Lang, OMD (Sumi Paintings)
1986-07      Community Care Center, Santa Cruz

    1.     Large-scale wood, metal and ceramics projects with Larry Berk. Interiors and period remodels, residential and commercial, including:

                            Capitola Book Café, Capitola CA
                            Seafood Mama's Restaurant, Capitola
                            Longhi's Restaurant, Bar and Dance, Maui HI
                            Pontiac Grill, Santa Cruz

I have also designed jewelry, sheet metal and welding projects.

From the living fountain of instinct flows everything that is creative; hence the unconscious is not merely conditioned by history, but is the very source of the creative impulse. It is like Nature herself - prodigiously conservative, and yet transcending her own historical conditions in her acts of creation.
All art intuitively apprehends coming changes in the collective unconsciousness.

                     Carl Gustav Jung