Kathleen uses acupuncture to address the underlying causes and symptoms of illness–physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. It works with the body’s system of pathways known as meridians, through which our life force, or chi, circulates. Modern science agrees that stimulation of points on these pathways aids a hearty immune system, healthy circulation, and mental and emotional balance.

Acupuncture (TCM) -   a  treasure  trove  of  healing  wisdom
is a natural, non-invasive approach used to diagnose and treat health conditions, prevent disease and improve well being. It is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), one of the oldest forms of healing known. Acupuncture restores balance in the whole person and enhances the body's innate healing intelligence.

Acupuncture’s subtle method of diagnosis
can detect physiological imbalances before symptoms are present, making it particularly valuable for prevention. As it tends to have a cumulative effect, treatments are often given as a series and reinforced with herbs and supplements. Acupuncture tune-ups are one of the most effective ways to alleviate the accumulated stress of our complex lives.

Kathleen often uses acupuncture in combination with other therapies, and as a complement to conventional western medicine in acute or chronic conditions. She has discovered that blending the combined effects of these modalities is synergistic and deeply healing, while also supporting clients’ inner unfoldment. Kathleen uses the Master Tung points passed on from her beloved master teacher, Miriam Lee, OMD

Kathleen is a licensed acupuncturist, practicing this ancient healing art since 1984. She continues to study acupuncture and other energetic medicines, following current research in neuroscience, psychology, pain management, biochemistry, quantum physics, and
mind/body medicine.