The answers and knowing lie deep within us.

Through the process of self-discovery (our own inquiry and assisted inquiry), we come to know precise insights that lead to healing. Kathleen believes deeply in this truth. Over the years she has noted that bringing presence, openness and allowing into the session unfolds a deepening intimacy with yourself.

Inquiry  &  Meditation  -
An  Inner  Path  to  Health

By exploring, as they arise, patterns of conditioned responses and issues (impressions, memories and associations, etc.) held within your experience and body, you can unwind and release conditions and identities that keep these patterns locked within your body and affect your health and well-being. Contacting these places gently and precisely, and inquiring, exploring and understanding, you can bring about an alchemical transformation from within. Therefore, healing can occur on one or all levels: physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual.

Kathleen adds her supportive presence, insight and sensitivity and her ongoing embodiment and dedication to the Diamond Heart Approach (a student since 1989) to the palette of modalities she brings to your session. Her deep reverence, empathy and experience come through the techniques she employs; the quiet atmosphere, her touch and presence may open possibilities for healing and for experiencing your essential presence.

By making intimate contact with the truth of your everyday life through self-inquiry and meditation, you can learn to invite being itself to provide profound guidance and understanding for your inner journey of self-discovery. You can come home to the still, sweet simplicity of your true nature—while living in today’s complex world.

A few words on the Diamond Heart Approach

The Diamond Heart Approach is a contemporary spiritual path integrating the teaching and practices of the ancient wisdom traditions with modern, in-depth psychology. Taught by the Ridhwan School.

The Diamond Approach is a path of wisdom, an approach to investigate reality and a method to work on yourself that leads to human maturity and liberation. It is a spiritual teaching, a method of connecting with our spiritual nature and bringing it into our life. It does not require that people adapt to some ideal, but welcomes people as they are and helps them to take the natural next step for their unique development.

Following this path, we have the opportunity to discover, realize and actualize our true nature, our deepest spiritual dimension. The Diamond Approach uses methods such as meditation, self-remembering and inquiry to support this process of realizing our true nature.

“We live in a world of mystery, wonder and beauty, but most of us seldom participate in this real world, being aware, rather, of a world that is mostly strife, suffering or meaninglessness… due to our not realizing and living our full human potential. This potential can be actualized by the realization and development of the human essence…the part of us that is innate and real….The more we are in touch with ourselves, the more we feel this innate desire to know, and to be, who we really are. We want the freedom to live as we’re supposed to live, to fulfil our potential. When we don’t, we suffer; but that suffering, rather than being a problem…is simply a hunger for our true selves to live, to be free. It is a signal that we want to return to our true nature.”

–A. H. Almaas, Originator, Diamond Approach.

If you are interested in knowing more about this work, ask Kathleen. She will direct you to the school or a private teacher for more information.