Kathleen Pouls has been a valuable adjunct to Midwives of Santa Cruz since 1985. We refer many of our mothers to her for normal pregnancy discomforts as well as common health problems. Her knowledge of Chinese medicine and herbs, combined with her sensitive caring, truly nurtures mother and child, increasing energy, harmony and balance. We have nicknamed Kathy the “midwife’s midwife” because we rely on her healing care personally to strengthen our own health and energy.
Roxanne Cummings, CNM
Kate Bowland, CNM


Kathleen Pouls is an invaluable addition to my OB/GYN practice. The truth is, I refer my patients to her because she gets results.
Howard Salvay, MD, OB/GYN

Kathy is an exceptionally warm, sensitive, caring practitioner. Over the years she has facilitated the healing process of many of my patients. I feel fortunate to have her as a resource.

Jan Zeff, DC

Here in Santa Cruz, we are fortunate to have an abundance of health practitioners. Among those practitioners, I am happy to support Kathleen Pouls. She is not only highly skilled but also very ethical. I am pleased to be able to refer patients to her for care.
David Resneck-Sannes, MD

“A friend with needle is a friend indeedle!” I have known Kathy for decades and have enjoyed beholding her great gifts and capacities blossom and bear fruit. Kathy brings a rare blend of skillful means and tremendous heart into her work. She has helped hundreds of people, evidenced by their loyalty and referrals to her. I include myself among these fortunate ones.     
Susanna Bluestein, DC

Kathleen Pouls treats the whole person. In addition to her clinical skills, her grasp of underlying emotional issues as well as physical conditions contributes to the success she achieves with her patients. I have complete confidence in referring my clients to her.
Beth McKinnon, LMFCC

Chinese medicine is my first referral choice for care of pregnant women and their families because of its holistic approach and lack of detrimental side effects. Anemia, hemorrhoids, indigestion, constipation, insomnia, breech presentation—all the aches and pains of pregnancy—and postpartum breast infections, fatigue, baby coughs, colds and earaches—all are referred to Kathy, plus chronic problems such as hay fever, asthma, chronic urinary tract problems, and husbands with high blood pressure.
Both my partner Karen Laing and I feel Kathy offers a unique approach that we find from no other acupuncturist. Kathy is grounded in Traditional Chinese Medicine and adds a vast knowledge of Western herbs, homeopathy and massage to her practice. Because of her dedication to her own self-growth, she is a deeply perceptive healer who gently helps our clients gain insight into some of the patterns underlying their physical problems. 
Robin Lang, CNM & Karen Laing, CNM

Western medicine does not have all the answers. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs have helped many of my patients with a variety of problems during pregnancy and postpartum. Kathy is very knowledgeable in this area and I completely trust her to care for my patients.     
Mary Ann Malloy, RN, CNM

Kathleen’s healing heart and skilled hands nurtured me through a difficult pregnancy, restoring my health, vitality and emotional balance.
Jessica Lowe-Wilson, Parent Educator

I have known Kathleen Pouls for many years. Her commitment, personally and professionally, to healing and the truth is evident in every encounter. Santa Cruz is fortunate to have her healing gifts available.
Anna Keck-Tomasso, RN, FNP

Although I know there is a place for what you do, I remain a skeptic (about everything, actually) and usually refer to alternative practitioners after conventional medical therapy has failed and the customer's next step would be surgery. My patients like you, so I hope that you will continue to…stave off the surgeon’s knife.  
Tom Silverman, MD

Kathy is a gifted healer. She knows how to create a healing atmosphere which supports our own internal healing system.    
Joyce Vissell, RN, MS
Barry Vissell, MD

Kathy Pouls was a significant member of my support network during my pregnancy. I began working with her when I was 5 months pregnant and still experiencing nausea, vomiting and little weight gain. Her treatments were the first relief I had. Her positive attitude toward birth as a natural process and her compassion and enthusiasm helped me draw on my own inner strength through the pain of the birth. I looked forward to my weekly treatments! I would recommend Kathy to anyone looking for support, be it medical or emotional, during pregnancy.   
Lysa Tabachnick