All healthy living tissues subtly “breathe” with the motion of life, like sap in a tree. With precise and gentle contact, “listening through her hands,” Kathleen assists your body to ease and optimize the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, encouraging your body’s innate healing intelligence to come forward.

CranioSacral Techniques -
optimize  your  “blueprint  for  health”

Cerebrospinal fluid, often called “the breath of life,” continuously moves through the craniosacral system, which includes the brain, cerebrospinal fluid, the cranial membranes, all 22 cranial bones, the spine and the sacrum.

These pathways are your blueprint for health, affecting all your cells and playing a key part in your health and well being. The pumping motion in this system creates a subtle pulse, like a heartbeat, that can be felt throughout the body. Disruption of this system eventually affects the many life-giving systems of your body.

When the natural rhythm of the craniosacral system is restored, the flow of blood, chi, and therefore oxygen improves, allowing all cells, including your brain’s, to function more effectively.

Craniosacral work can have profound aligning and nurturing effects for pregnant women, and children also respond well to craniosacral work. Tremendous integrative potential for people in life transitions: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Many people report a release from stress and anxiety and a renewed sense of well being.

Beneficial for:
• Unwinding
• musculoskeletal pain
• disc lesions
• neuropathy
• migraines
• whiplash
• brain injury
• adhesions
• tinnitus
• fibrocystitis
• allergies
• dental pain from braces
• anxiety
• depression
• hyperactivity
• attention deficit disorder
• autism,
   and many other conditions.

Many people report a release from stress and anxiety and a renewed sense of well being.