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•Deep Tissue MicroRelease Bodywork
•Prenatal/Postpartum Care & Massage
•CranioSacral Techniques
•Soft Laser Light Therapy
•Herbs & Supplements
•Mindfulness Stress Reduction
•Energy Work

About  Kathleen  Pouls:  an experienced  and  compassionate  healthcare  professional

Kathleen Pouls has provided integrative health care services to the Santa Cruz community and internationally since 1982. She is a licensed acupuncturist, masseuse and herbalist, and complements these skills with nutrition and diet counseling and emotional and psychological support.

In Kathleen’s Words:
Healing is a great mystery
, an ongoing fascination and study throughout my life and practice. I believe in the knowing that is present in all of us. I honor the inherent wisdom of your ability to “unwind” and heal in your own timing. My role is to assist and encourage you to open to balance and healing.

As a practitioner, I hold a presence and create an environment that is nurturing, nonjudgmental, safe and relaxed. My organically evolving approach works with your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being, using traditional and alternative medicine and methods to address you as a whole person. In my family health practice, I treat women, men and children in all stages of life; my special interest, dear to my heart, is prenatal and postpartum care for growing families.

Through a process of inquiry and observation, we uncover what your body is saying and support your inherent knowing to unfold. Together we decide on a combination of modalities for treatment: acupuncture, deep-tissue massage, craniosacral techniques or other bodywork, meditation, soft laser light therapy, nutritional concerns.

What can you expect? Treatments resolve or lessen acute symptoms and conditions, fine-tune your body’s systems and address constitutional balancing. I can also help you tend your soul’s unfoldment. I draw from many traditions, methods and techniques, as we work together to address your whole being and to open your possibilities for increased energy, greater health, fluidity . . simply, more space within your being.

I am trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), CranioSacral techniques, deep tissue work, energy bodywork. I practice meditation and mindfulness methods, and am a long-time student of the Diamond Heart Approach. I am continuously learning…and unlearning…