Soft laser light is a safe, non-intrusive, gentle therapy. Kathleen applies red and infrared light to joint pain, injuries, wounds and other conditions to improve soft tissue healing and relieve acute and chronic spasms and pain. Soft laser light is pure light energy beamed directly into the body's cells–without injury or damage. Therefore, healing occurs.

Soft  Laser  Light  Therapy  -          
Pure  Light:  state-of-the-art healing

Soft laser light delivers energy to the body in the form of non-thermal photons, or “small light packets of energy” that increase ATP (your cellular fuel or energy) up to 150%. Even as you read this, your cells are communicating by emitting their own biophotons to other cells; soft laser light treatment enhances this cellular communication, which is so vital to your health.

When soft laser light waves penetrate deeply through the skin, they activate immune response, which in turn engages and optimizes healing potential. Normally, light is transmitted through the skin's layers (dermis, epidermis and subcutaneous tissue) in all wavelengths. However, light waves in the red and infrared range penetrate the deepest of the visible spectrum, directly increasing your cellular communication.

Soft laser light can be applied as a therapy in itself, integrated with acupuncture and acupressure treatment, or used in lieu of acupuncture needles.

It is a scientific fact that light transmitted to the body in this way has a positive effective throughout the whole system, providing vital energy and oxygenating every cell. Used for more than forty years in Europe with growing recognition in the States, soft laser light therapy offers precise, accurate, and effective treatment for a wide variety of conditions.

Benefits of SLLT
• Relieves acute and chronic pain
• Builds the immune system
• Reduces inflammation – up to 75%
   in  just a few minutes, studies show
• Increases the speed, quality and
   tensile strength of tissue repair
• Increases blood supply, stimulates
   nerve function
• Helps generate new and healthy
   cells and tissue, including burns
• Promotes wound healing

Physiological Effects of Soft Laser Light Therapy
• Analgesic, relieves acute and chronic
   pain, including headaches
• Relieves pain of dental problems
• Anti-inflammatory and
   anti-edematous effects
• Increases blood supply
• Repairs and speeds quality and
   strength of tissue
• Improves blood circulation and
• Stimulates wound healing
• Stimulates immune function and
   nerve function
• Generates new, healthy cells,
   collagen and tissues
• Increases cell metabolism
• Veterinary uses, large and small