Nutrition plays an integral part in your health. We all know—and may ignore—the fundamental fact that what we take in affects our body’s functioning. In treatment, Kathleen may inquire about your dietary perspective and recommend herbs and supplements . Supplements and herbs are safe, gentle and effective for everyone, from babes to elders.

for over-the-counter dietary herbs and supplements can be overwhelming.
Through up-to-date research and her practical experience with many life science, nutraceutical and Chinese herb companies, Kathleen finds formulas that work.

Her support team includes several nutritionists and TCM practitioners, and consultations with state-of-the-art nutritionists Drs. Greg and Maile Pouls.

Some top science-based and herbal lines Kathleen carries:

Healthy Alternatives (Global Nutraceuticals)
Integrative Therapeutics
Pure Encapsulations
Premier Research Labs
Plum Flower Brand Herbal Medicines
Far East Summit
Health Concerns
Brion Sun Ten Formulas


Nutritional Therapeutics -
before prescriptions, there were herbs & nutrients

Herbal medicine
is the oldest form of medicine in use on the planet today. Before there were prescription medications, there were herbs. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has studied and utilized herbs for thousands of years. Hippocrates, the “father of medicine,” used herbs and supplements to treat illness and disease. Herbal medicine makes use of plants for their therapeutic, aromatic, and flavorful qualities, as natural complements or alternatives to prescription medications.