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Educational Highlights:
• 1984, American College of
Traditional Chinese Medicine
• 1981, School of Feminine Arts
• 2007, Upledger Institute
• Since 1989, dedicated student of
Diamond Heart Approach

Diamond Heart / Ridhwan School
Hamid Almas
Karen Johnson
Lauren Armstrong
Joyce Lyke
Byron Brown
Sandra Maitri

Mindfulness Studies
Bob Stahl, PhD
John Kabat Zinn, PhD
Saki Santorelli, EdD

About  Kathleen  Pouls:
mentors,  teachers,  experience,  gratefulness

Practice and Study Experience:
Miriam Lee, OMD, Palo Alto CA
Jeffery Yuan, OMD, New York
Raven Lang, OMD, Santa Cruz CA
Elizabeth Rochat de la Vallee, France
David Little, Maui, Hawaii
Gregory Pouls, DC,
Maile Pouls, PhD
Jeffrey Bland, PhD
Martha Benedict, OMD, Santa Cruz CA
Bob Levine, OMD, Berkeley CA
Raymond Himel, OMD, Mill Valley CA
Jane Tang, OMD, Marin CA
Rose Dao, Herbalist, San Francisco CA
Upledger Institute, Esalen, Big Sur CA

Practical Experience:
Santa Cruz Midwives for 22 years,
Community Care Center:
   Roxanne Cummings, RN, CNM
   Kate Bowland, RN, CNM
   Robin Lang, RN, CNM
   Karen Laing, RN, CNM
WomenCare, Santa Cruz CA
Santa Cruz Women's Health Center
   Dr Lloyd Benjamin, MD
   Marilyn Marzell, PA
Drs. Harry & Maris Walton, DC
Drs. Don & Karen Cohen, DC
Dr Susanah Bluestein, DC, Ross CA
Kathleen Kram, PT, Watsonville CA
Hospice Caring Project, Santa Cruz CA
Makawao Health Clinic, Maui, Hawaii
Barefoot Doctor, Indonesia, Nepal,
India, Africa, Europe

These are some of the many who have
contributed to who I am today.
For them, and for many not on this list,
I hold continual gratitude.