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Kathleen’s integrative approach
is particularly suited to women in all phases and passages of their lives, from babyhood to elder.

She delights in providing support, a place to rest and unwind, and a safe environment to embrace your conditions and transitions.

Women's  Passages,
Women's  health  and   wellbeing

In addition to working with women
in childbirth
, Kathleen takes a special interest in women’s health. She feels it is an honor to help women stay as balanced as they can, addressing the many conditions that occur in a woman’s life. She has a broad referral base to other quality practitioners and specialists as needed. Kathleen treats not only your symptoms, but also uses listening and inquiry to get to the root causes, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

fine tuning
pre-conception balancing & tonifying
pms, irregular menses
dysmenorrhea, menopause
adrenal exhaustion, depression
stress, fatigue, exhaustion
digestive problems
back & neck pain, sports injury
pre-surgery preparation
post-surgery discomforts
circulation, sciatic, bladder infections
whiplash, arthritis
cold, flu, allergies
headache, migraine, sinusitis
decreased libido, emotional support
tonify immune system.